Zombies and the I-15

First, from guest contributor the Joshinator:
When the zombies take over, how long till the electricity fails?
Scary stuff here people. Stuff I’ll bet you never thought about before! Here’s an excerpt:

After watching Dawn of the Dead, I am left to wonder about one thing: If we were to suffer an apocalypse where most of the living became flesh-eating zombies, how long, assuming I survived, would I continue to receive hydroelectricity from my power company? Is it a mean-time-before-failure situation, or would the system automatically shut itself down after a few days?

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Next up, interstate 15 from Southern California to the California/Nevada Stateline. For those of you that are not familiar with this particular route, it is the only way to get from Southern California to Las Vegas. Well, it’s not the only way, but all the others are more than double the mileage, so they don’t count. Anyway…

On weekends this little 250 mile jaunt is thing that nightmares are made of! Imagine the worst traffic you have ever been in. Got it? Ok, now multiple that time 4! What is normally a nice 3.5-4.5 hour drive, turns into a hellish journey that can take more than 8 hours!

Bring in our crack Department of Transportation Authority, CALTRANS. Please note: There is an assumed level of sarcasm in the last statement. CALTRANS has been in the process of widening this particular stretch of road. And, in doing so, they have had to make it barely 2 cars wide in places, sometimes as long as 30 miles! With K-rail on either side, it’s like driving in a water pipe that is too small for your car. Harrowing to say the least.

Now this project has been make some progress, but not as much as one would expect. I believe that they started this project back in 1972, and I think they are right about 50% completed! No kidding! This is taking longer than the I5/Disneyland improvements, and those took 12 years!

Next time, no bitching about roads, I promise.

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