You’re call maybe recorded, Number 47

Segue check anyone?

jSchwa:i gotta admit, fake steve’s blog is pretty good

jSchwa: and it kinda makes me want to believe that it really is steve jobs

jSchwa: hehe

me: stop it

jSchwa: c’mon dude, how awesome would that be


me: it

jSchwa: lol

me: it would not be awesome

me: steve jobs is not god

jSchwa:no but fsj does pretty much reflect how i imagine steve jobs would blog


me:I don’t think steve would say anything about mexicans or amish


me:or talk about how non-vegans give him a rash


jSchwa: i feel the same way about non-non-vegans tho

me: feelin’ that

me: can’t trust a man that won’t eat a good old fashioned hot dog

jSchwa: zactly

jSchwa: not eating hamburgers and steaks is unamerican

me: totally…unpatriotic even

jSchwa: Hmm… I might have to hit up the grocery store and have a proper lunch of hamburgers

me: niiiiice

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  1. You know I’ve thought that Fake Steve could be Real Steve a few times too…

    Some of his posts do seem to be surprisingly well informed about what goes on inside Apple…

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