Your call may be recorded, MDCCXVII

me:a new dave brubeck album
jSchwa:whoa word?
me [sends link] j:didn’t know brubeck was still kickin’ around
mepretty chill from what I can tell
me:wiki says he is 87
me:somehow, I feel less significant
jSchwa: hehe
jSchwa:dude we’re in the space age
jSchwa:i’ll be kicking it til i’m a 150
jSchwa: hehe
me:but he made an album
me:at 87
jSchwa: oh word
me:I barely made it to the gym today
jSchwa: lol
me:and need a nap after going to costco
me:he made 16 f’ing songs and got someone to put ’em on a cd
me:dave brubeck is teh awesome
jSchwa: i’ve got a guitar, garage band, and some blank cds
jSchwa: guess i better get started
jSchwa: hehe

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