You Have to Suck

We know I’ve got a solid man-crush on Merlin Mann, right? This is one of the reasons why.

The Sound of Young America

via from this.

I aspire to one day to be half as smart as Merlin. And, if you listen to this 27 minute talk you’ll know why.

By Don

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  1. That was pretty damn good info for a guy who’s such a dick on Twitter.* What I thought was interesting on a personal level is that I’m already doing 1/2 the stuff MM suggested. Of course, it’s the wrong half, but hey…

    Thanks for sharing that- I would not have ever heard it otherwise!


    *If you think I’m a dick for saying that, then you didn’t listen to the entire presentation.

  2. Glad to share. Thanks for stopping by and checking in Sherwin!

    I follow everything Merlin does, eventhough he’s a huge dick on Twitter and try to learn something, anything, from him any chance I get.

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