You Can’t Find it in a Book

At the gym this morning I had the unfortunate luck to be on a tread mill next to a couple of people that were loud talkers. This is why I really need my headphones! That is for another post.

Among the things they were talking about were diet (not entirely correct, but the guy was doing ok), exercise (not even close, but they were at the gym, so I’ll give them credit) and motivation. From a book.

It’s been my experience that you can’t find motivation in a book. Or a magazine. Or at the gym. That’s not where it’s kept. It’s not something that is stored on a shelf waiting for you to use it when it’s convenient.

In the books and magazines you _might_ find inspiration. And that inspiration _could_ motivate you, maybe. But, good chance it won’t.

Without going too cheerleader on you here, the only place you are going to get motivation is from yourself. It’s a part of the self accountability I keep talking about. You have to want to do something, to fix something, to do something different. Nothing in a book will do that for you.

If what you read or hear helps to motivate you, that’s great! Inspiration is a beautiful thing. But it’s still on your shoulders to make stuff happen! And, honestly, you don’t need a book. You don’t need anything to get motivated other than to want something bad enough that you take action to get it!

For example, I want to weigh in at 220lbs by the time AMVIV rolls around at the end of March. This has been my goal since I turned 40 back in June.

But here is the important part. Did you catch it? **I want.** Not I read or I heard or someone told me. I want. As it turns out, this is something that I _want_ bad enough that I am motivated to make it happen.

Motivation doesn’t come from a book gang. You gotta want it!

By Don

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  1. I agree 100% with this but I also think once you’ve committed, other people can help keep you motivated. Whether that’s through encouragement or competition. Any human being is going to have days when the motivation wavers and a word from someone on the same journey can help.

  2. >Any human being is going to have days when the motivation wavers and a word from someone on the same journey can help

    You are right here. I had more than a few of those days in the last month. And encouraging words usually got me back on my way.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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