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I’m trying to get some work done. The last bit of a project that is turning out to be larger than I thought (again) and I’m doing for about 100% less than I should be (again). It’s cool, but I’m having to stop and tell you all something right now.

I am done with the iPhone.

Did you see the period? Did you see the word done? This is to serve as your official notice that I will not listen to anything anyone says about the iPhone. I will no longer read posts that contain the word iPhone in them. I will no longer listen to podcasts that spend too much time on the iPhone. I’m going to stop following people on twitter that talk about the iPhone too much. After this post, I will no longer use the term iPhone on my blog or any site I work on unless I am paid to do so.

If all I had to listen to or read about was how awesome the phone is, then I probably wouldn’t be too upset. But that’s not all.

It’s the people that complain about it. That jailbreak it. That, for all intensive purposes, hate it. Yet they still carry the damned thing even though they get bad signal or have to jailbreak it to work the way they need it to, or have more problems than should be allowed by law. I don’t care.

I’m done. You can comment here about iPhones one last time. Go ahead, get it out of your system. After that, I’m done.

I’m probably going to switch back to Windows too, but that’s for another post.

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  1. LOL too funny. enjoy windoze.

    I’ll say as a recent iPhone switcher (yeah waited until OS 2), it really does change phone use, whether you wanna hate or not 🙂 it does.

  2. pretty strong around these parts. You might want to watch that kinda talk. The fellas might get a bit riled up. 😉

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