yea yea, I know

Sure, it’s almost Christmas. This I know. In fact I just got the email night before last outlining the entire season with all of the scheduled meetings and events. I know I won’t be attending most of these events or meetings as they are mostly for the brass upstairs, but I still get the email. When I can only attend 1 or 2 of the functions listed, why do I have to know that the senior staff will be getting a fully catered lunch (with hosted bar no less) in the board room while the commoners get the In-N-Out truck in the parking (on a day, which I checked, that it is supposed to rain)? It’s just not fair I say, not fair.


Working on the annual Christmas music CD for the peeps. I call it the Anti-XMAS music disc, and this will be it’s 3rd year of production. No stuffy carols or Bing Crosby (well, unless they are mixed up with a kickin beat). I’ll post samples and the playlist once it is complete.


Did I mention that finding Nemo is now in the collection and the lad REALLY likes it?


Ok, enough with the shark bait

SHARK BAIT…boo bop bee do

Quickly, to the top of Mt. Wannahockaloogie!

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