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Very interesting post on the Digg Blog that I stumbled across this morning.

>Should Digg block IE6?

>Currently, IE6 usage accounts for 10% of Digg visitors and 5% of page views on Digg. While this is down from 13% and 8% a year ago respectively, IE6 still accounts for a fairly large portion of Digg usage. That said, a lot of time is spent by Digg engineers supporting site activity like diggs, buries, and comments in IE6, and while it accounts for 5% of site traffic, IE6 accounts for only 1% of diggs, buries, and comments.

I haven’t supported IE6 for over a year, but then again, every site that I have ever worked on, combined, still doesn’t equal the amount of users that Digg has. And I honestly believe that it is going to take sites like Digg to start blocking certain features from IE6 users before system admins and users realize it’s time to upgrade.

I would be curious to hear from any sys admins that still have to keep IE6 around. What apps are you still running that break when you install IE7 or IE8? Why won’t you give your users Firefox or Chrome or Safari instead?

As I visit more home users, I am starting to notice less and less IE6 installed. If I do see it, I ask if there is a reason they are still using it and when they give me the confused deer-in-headlights look, I upgrade them to IE8.

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