Wordpress 2.5.1 updates and other kooky things

Updated this to 2.5.1 today. That was interesting.

Started to upload, but I got quota errors. Great. Had to create a new account and log a ticket. But it’s done.

Then, got about 1/2 way through tomorrows post, wanted to upload a photo but I couldn’t. The Viddler Plug-in kinda breaks it (I dropped them a line about it already too).

Everything done with transmit. I wasn’t feeling it before I discovered the duplicate command on the remote server. How cool is that? That’s as good as Windows copy-in-place feature. I was able to easily make a backup of the wp-content dir before starting the upload. Perhaps I will give this Transmit a few more days.

All of this happened after I spent the entire day on the phone and doing actually work. Odd since I’m not really supposed to be working either. Still, 1 8 hour day of billing has been logged on my sheet.

During this day, I spent way more time in Windows via VNC and dial-up connections than should be allowed by law. I worked very hard to get VPN working and prefer to use Remote Desktop wherever possible (that way, I don’t have to start VM). But there isn’t RD on Windows 2000 and I do not have, nor do I want, regular phone service at the house.

I think I’m going out to Arizona for a few days next week to do some work at a resort that is having problems with their reservation system. Trying to decide if I should drive the 600 miles (one way) or fly into Phoenix and rent a car. If flight+car is less than $200, I might go that way. The place is pretty remote, so the last place I want to take the MINI with bad suspension is on crappy dirt roads.

Trying to get back to going to the gym every other day. Actually, I would like to do Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, but I’ve been falling short. I’ve been using the ball at home, which is helping, but I’m not able to do the amount of cardio I want to do. The last week I’ve been back on track, I just hope it can continue.

Wondering about the video hour. Numbers are dropping off a bit (yes, I check). That means either you have gotten busy or lost interest. I only started doing them to get used to seeing myself on the screen. What say you? Keep going or stop? I don’t think I’ll stop doing video, maybe just that one (or stop posting it here).

I opened Google reader tonight and I have over 1K unread articles. I scanned through and read the ones I wanted to, but I think some trimming might be in order.

My trip to Florida is booked. I have to change planes, twice. One of them has propellors. I’m not pleased. I do, however, get to drive an R56 MC to Boston though with the Todd’s, so I’m a bit stoked about that. Be sure to check the route. If you are nearby one of the stops, I’d love to meet you (that includes you CJ, if you can manage a drive to Savannah).

I guess that’s it. Now, on to emails! W00t!

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