word press and telephones

I am really digging WordPress so far. I’ve almost got the layout figured out, plus I have been able to add static pages to it as well. And, the best part? they are still editable from the WP interface.

Yea, doesn’t take much for me.

To answer a question, my oldest niece didn’t get to partake in the fully stocked bar in the limo.

Met with SBC today about picking up where the honorably fucked up Norvergence left off. Yea, sure am glad this wasn’t mine. One of the owners got sucked in by the promise of unlimited use cell phones and cheap long distance for a savings of $200 a month. Well, since norvergence has filled for bankrupcy protection, we still need to do something for communications.

So SBC and Cingular come out today. With pricing. Pricing that is almost $400 per month better than the Norvergence set up. Besides that, it’s the phone company man. I would be surprised if they filed for bankrupcy protection.

Oh yea, anyone else left with about $65K in lease payments for a system that never got fully set up and doesn’t have a company behind it to provide support? Anyone? Anyone?

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