Windows Rulez!

So, my media drive crapped out.

I might have been a little pissy about it. Ok, maybe a lot of pissy about it, but for good reason. That drive contains all of my music, most of teh lads music and photos, a big chunk of my photos and all of my episodes of The West Wing and Top Gear. Important stuff to be sure.

But, I was able to fix said media drive after I was done being all pissy about it. It’s like I forgot I’m an honest to goodness computer guy or something. I also remember that I have a friends Dell laptop here for a reload. So, I put one and one together to get a fixed hard drive.

You see, for those of you that don’t remember, Windows has this super duper handy utility built right into the OS (accessible with a mouse even) called Check Disk. After running the drive through that twice and reorganizing some of the files on the drive, everything was again good to go.

The Mac should have something like that that requires more mouse clicks and less pony tails or neck beards.

By Don

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  1. I’ve thought about that, but since I have over 200gb of stuff that I would want to backup, it might get a little spendy.

    I am seriously thinking about saving for a Drobo. It’s like having a RAID array on your desk. Fault tolerant, smart disk handling and supports up to 5TB (I think). But, it’s a bit spendy. I think it might be worth it.

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