Windows on a Mac

This is one that comes up more and more lately. How do I run Windows on my Mac? Systm has an episode that is just for you.

I was following along with Tom as he played with bootcamp, Parallels and VMWare. Here he favors VMWare, but says they both pretty much run the same and he thinks Parallels is a little slicker, but also really likes the v2 of VMWare (still in beta).

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  1. I’ve got parallels and VMware. I’m currently favoring VMware. Seems more stable and less resource greedy. Though I try to keep my forays into the darkside to a minimum.

  2. Feelin’ that. Does help that my VM is currently running like crap. One of these days I’m going to have to rebuild it. Oh well.

  3. running xp on parallels. works great for its purpose. i ran vista a bit as well, just to check it out, but found it immensely irritating waiting for that spinning ring.

    should i be checking out vmware?

  4. I’ve been very happy with it so far. And I’ve been running it for almost a year.

    To be honest, I’ve not tried parallels tho.

    And, v2 of VMware looks like it is going to be pretty sweet.

  5. I switched because VMware started to really make a showing in benchmarks and stuff, and was beating Parallels. I liked Parallels a lot and was in since the early days, but vmware finally put it into gear and got serious.

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