Why not just fix it?

Boy we are right in the thick of it, aren’t we? Surrounded by so many people that would rather spend their time and energy blaming someone for problems instead of hiking up their skirts and doing something about it.

I understand there are those among us that feel strongly about certain things. Quite strongly in fact. And, when their ‘thing’ isn’t the way they like it watch out! They hit the ‘piss and vinegar’ fill line in short order and start going crazy. On blogs. On YouTube. Everywhere they can get someone to even pretend they are listening. Even, as I saw today, in church.

Folks, if you are so foaming at the mouth riled up against something, then why not focus on doing something about it? Why not focus that energy on affecting change? You recall last week when I was having problems with negativity surrounding me, especially in the MINI Community. Well, I said something to about 3K people about it and this week I’m seeing the change. I did something about it.

It’s not my place to tell a preacher that he shouldn’t be talking about politics on the pulpit. But, and this is only my opinion, it’s not his place to **bring** politics to his pulpit. If you think the system is that broken, if you think both of the candidates are that bad and are going to do that much damage to this fine country of ours, then why are still standing behind the pulpit? Why do _you_ get out there are show the rest of us why you are so much better than the rest of them.

Then there is the Democrats blaming the Republicans blaming the Democrats blaming the Republicans about the current financial nightmare that is happening on Wall Street. Why doesn’t someone just just right in the middle of all of it, stand on the table and tell them to quit bickering and **FIX THEM PROBLEM!**

So much wasted energy. And I’ve wasted enough of my own on this topic already. Let us know what you think below.

By Don

Lead bottle washer at donburnside.com, host at whiteroofradio.com and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.

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