Why I’m not liking Twitter

I know there was a tweet earlier in the week kinda hinting at this, so I figured that I should qualify it with a post.


I’m a huge fan of twitter, really I am! I mean, so much so that I’m pretty sure a big reason why some of you are using it is because I couldn’t shut up about it. It’s fast, convenient and kinda fun.

Oh wait, convenient?

Yea, not so much as of late. Between the popularity explosion that ensued during and after SXSW and the fact that IM hasn’t been available consistently for over a month has something to do with it.

Sure, I tried twitterific. What a steaming pile of crap that is. Never updated, my posts wouldn’t go thru and I rarely got any updates. I am reminded of blogger back in the day when I use this thing (google “blogger ate my post” to see what I mean).

This is why I started using Twitter in the first place. I could do it right from my IM client in about 15 seconds or less. No fuss, no muss. But now, to have to go to the site and then post? No, I don’t think so. I already have 6 blogs for that, why would I want to take on another?

If they can get the IM thing fixed, then maybe I’ll stick around a little while longer until it completely bores me. If not, I’m gone by the end of the week.

Too bad really. I’m not bored with it yet.

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