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Why I won’t switch back

I’ve been spending quite a bit of time in Windows lately. And there are some things that I keep trying to do until I remember that I have to cmd-tab back into OSX for them to work.

So, I present to you, a few reasons why I’ll keep using the Mac.

One of them is actually the single most annoying thing (I thought) I could find in OSX, but now it’s my favorite. And it has to do with focus. I have since figured out that, on the Mac, it’s not important. I can have Camino open and in front of NetNewsWire, point my mouse at NNW and use the scroll wheel to move the screen. Windows should do that.

Networking. Especially wireless networking. It works. Works now. Does not require a reboot. Windows should do that too. Even though Vista is better than XP, it’s still not as good as OSX. Network share access is better too. You see them all in finder. No hunting. See something you want? Give it a username and password and you’re good to go. Heck, don’t even have to join a domain to get access, as long as you have a username and password. Good stuff.

Encore Expose. I’ve seen some programs for windows that are supposed to mimic this behavior, but I’ve not tried them yet. Vista also does something like that, but it’s not nearly as elegant or flexible.

The dock. Way more flexible than the taskbar. And it makes me mad that I can’t look at the taskbar in Windows to see today’s date. I’m so over hovering over the clock.

Quick view. Thumbnails in Windows won’t show me the code in a PHP or HTML file, or display a document. It should because it’s better.

Spotlight. Better results, drive specific, easy. Exactly what search should be.

Not to mention a few of the apps I can no longer live without. iPhoto comes readily to mind as does TextEdit and Preview. Notepad is ok, but to do RTF you need to open Wordpad, which sucks. And there is not a Windows equivalent (that I’m aware of) for preview.

To be fair, Windows does somethings that the Mac doesn’t, but I think it should.

The ability to open 1 Explorer window and only 1 Explorer window. I really wish Finder had this ability as I find myself with multiple (5+) Finder windows open at any given time. Oh yea, I should also ALWAYS be able to make a folder by right/cmd clicking, no matter what Finder view I’m in.

The Taskbar. As much as I prefer the dock, I still get stuck with open programs that keep my Mac from shutting down or restarting. This pains me to have to go through and close all of my open apps before I actually reboot or shutdown. With Windows, programs don’t normally stay open unless they are designed that way, and they shutdown much more elegantly than, say, iTunes, VMWare Fusion and a few others that aren’t coming to mind.

The command line. When I type exit, the Command box closes. On the Mac, when I type exit, it doesn’t do anything. It doesn’t help that the Command Shell on the Mac is useless to me. Once my neck beard and pony tail grow in I’m sure it will make more sense. Please note. Neck beard and pony tail will probably be replaced by a book or two on the language they call Unix. And I promise I’ll stop giggling every time I see fsck.

Shutting down. While the Mac boots up quicker and is ready to work faster, shutting down is a painfully long experience fraught with apps that don’t quit, and don’t let OSX quit them. See above.

I know a bunch of you are switchers too. I’m sure you have reasons. What are they?

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huh? you mean you actually reboot and/or switch off your Mac? That’s just weird. Mine just goes to sleep.

My issue with Vista, is that no matter how much processing power or RAM you throw at it, it’s always busy processing some crap in the background, and you have to wait for that fsking frisbee, or ring of frustration, or whatever it is called, to turn back into your regular mouse pointer, before you can do anything meaningful.

MacOSX does have the bouncing beachball of death, granted, but that issue is usually easily remidied by Force Quitting the offending app.

In Vista, Vista seems to be the offending app.

It’s just sooooo slooooooow.

I’ve had to force-quit one program so far (BitTorrent), so I won’t use that program again.

Apart from that, I just shut the lid – it seems to make Parallels go to sleep as simply as the Mac software. Although it has left Time Machine backup confused.

Give Transmission a try. Free and works better than any other BT client I have used.

My Time Machine gets confused all the time too, espeically when I go a few days without having my external hard drive plugged in. So, as a backup to the back up, I also use SuperDuper. It’s Time Machine aware, makes excellent backups and has a schedule that works very well. Cost is $30. You’ll find quite a few Mac Apps cost $30.

Finally, if I can be so bold as to offer one more link. Mac OSX Hints is a great site that updates daily with very helpful hints, information and apps. Worth checking out and adding to your reader.

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