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Why I hate Safari

There are many things that this brilliant iMac sitting on my desk does that I absolutely adore. There are many apps that I run on a daily or almost daily basis that I also think are quite keen. Keen enough to remember their name so I can fire them up in QuickSilver or that they have earned a place in the all mighty dock.

Safari is not one of them.

That’s right, I said it. I hate Safari.

Gasp! Boo! Hiss! Go on, get it out of your system.

There are many things that this brilliant iMac sitting on my desk does that I absolutely adore. There are many apps that I run on a daily or almost daily basis that I also think are quite keen. Keen enough to remember their name so I can fire them up in QuickSilver or that they have earned a place in the all mighty dock.

Safari is not one of them.

It’s not the way Safari looks, because it is a good looking app. And, it’s not because of how it displays websites. It is the way Safari works with a few websites, sometimes, stability and how tabs work.

In Firefox (all versions, all operating systems) and Internet Explorer v7 & v8 and Google Chrome (and, quite possibly Opera, although I never use that) you can close a tab 2 different ways using the mouse. You can either click on the ‘X’ (which, on all of these browsers is on the right, Safari is on the left) or you can press the middle/scroll wheel of your mouse anywhere on the tab. That might sound niggling, but it really slows me down. Having the use the CMD key with a mouse click has never worked for me. I’m either using a keyboard shortcut or the mouse, not both.

Then there is stability. I have recently discovered that by not keeping my cache and history tidy and neat, Safari does nothing more than crash while trying to start. Not only does it crash repeatedly when trying to start, it will sometimes crash altogether with the only fix being a complete system restart. And, since there isn’t an internet options in System Preferences (like Windows), there is no way that I’m aware of to correct it. In all of the other browsers, having a messy cache or lots of history just slows things down a bit.

Another minor thing is the lack of a status bar by default. I **always** check where links go in the status bar, and not having it seriously annoys me. I shouldn’t have to do a google search to find how to turn this on. Sure, it’s a hold over from my Windows days, but better safe than sorry, right?

And, finally, there is Gmail. And also, there isn’t Gmail. But, it is. Gmail is my email application. While I don’t live in there all the time, it is what I use to send and receive email (since replaced by Mailplane, more on that later). And with Safari (or Webkit, but not Chrome oddly enough) it just acts weird. And, only sometimes.

For example, on occasion when replying to an email, I click reply and start typing. Normally, the text just shows up in the email box like it is supposed to. Sometimes, and again, only with Safari, the reply window fails to grab focus, so when I start typing, the Gmail keyboard shortcuts kick in and do everything from deleting the message entirely to opening my task window. The annoying part is that it is hit or miss. If it did this consistently, I could work around it. But that’s the problem. It only seems to happen when Safari is having a bad day.

For the record, I have been using Google Chrome since it was released for the Mac and, at least for me, it’s been fantastic. It’s been my default browser for more than a month and so far so good. On occasion I do have to duck into Firefox for something specific or to use an extension, but for daily browsing, Chrome is it for me. Bonus it’s fast. Fastest on my Mac by a long shot.

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9 replies on “Why I hate Safari”

I haven’t had the stability issues that you’re describing, but if I did, I’d likely share your dislike for Safari. I can only disagree with you on one point: closing tabs. Were the “x” on the right, it’d be opposite of the entirety of the rest of the OS. So on Mac, I’d contend that it’s FF and Chrome that have the convention backwards, which makes sense as they started as Windows apps. Although, I do realize this is akin to Michael Caine in The Italian Jobs when he says “Remember chaps, they drive on the wrong side of the road over there.”

True, FF and Chrome (and probably Opera) are backwards, but it still bothers me, and it’s one of the little things that really bother me about OSX. There are many inconsistencies in the UI that used to drive me to absolute distraction when I first switched. I’m used to them now, but deep down, they still bug me a little.

I do see some random crashes (I really don’t think they’re all that random, and I think it has to do with resource allocation, especially when a retarded piece of Flash needs to be loaded), but can’t claim to complain about a widespread issue – maybe I just don’t load my browser down much.

The reason I refuse to use Firefox is the lack of color management. I do a lot of photo stuff, and that inevitably requires me to LOOK at photos, and the heinous, green tint that every AdobeRGB (the preferred color gamut for image editing, whereas the internet default is sRGB, which is what Firefox uses) image shows is terrible.

You are spot on with compatability, though, Firefox is unmatched in that regards. Oh, and I never realized a center click on a tab would close it in any other program, haha.

Safari sucks
I had!!!!!!!! safari for windows and also I had Internet Explorer 9 and the second time I started safari after install I get a blue error screen.
That’s another reason that Safari sucks

I hate it

Why is Safari the only brower…
that leaves the message “are you sure you want to send another form…”

and it won’t close

I HATE it.

I hate Safari, too. I can’t find a way to save all my tabs in an easy way before closing the program. This is a “duh!” feature. I had “Last Session” on my toolbar, but the last couple of times I used it, it opened a session from a long time ago. I deleted it thinking it would clear it out and fill it back up later, but nope! It’s gone now. And History > Reopen All Windows from Last Session is a waste of time.

And there is no System Preferences > General > Restore feature that so many people talk about at Apple.

This sucks. I’m going back to Firefox even though it keeps updating despite my settings and dumping my add ons.

Oh don’t I REALLY hate safari.. I agree with this post.

Also, whenever I try to sign into an account on a game, safari stops working for about 15 – 30 seconds, then crashes. I hate safari. HATE IT HATE IT.

I hate safari, if I’m going to buy a iPad or iPhone, I should be able to say what apps I want or not, I want to delete safari and half the apps you can’t and I don’t want to jailbreak it cause it ruins your warranty.

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