Why have a website?

No really.

I’ve been making websites since ’95, and have kept at least 1 running at any given time. Heck, I’ve even gotten paid for it. I did it as a job, even managed to learn a touch of Cold Fusion in the process. I don’t know why I do it, nor do I know why, as I’m writing this, do I manage to keep 3 personal sites plus a brand new message board. This site, yes, the one you are reading now, is nothing really. Traffic is low, but the search referral provide a certain level of entertainment. My main is it the MINI site and message board. I get *real* traffic there. I like to think that in keeping that site, I’m providing a valuable source of information for the MINI community.

Plus there are sites that I manage because I’m paid to do it. Currently there are 3 of those to. 1 is still in production, 1 is live but in severe need of updates and 1 needs some maintenance done and some image addition.

That makes 6 sites, plus a message board.

These sites take a fair amount of my time too. Well, not that much, but enough where it is noticeable.

Then, there are all of the other sites. Mostly friends and others that I’ve not met, but they have great sites. These too take a fair amount of my time. This doesn’t count any of the links over there, which I try to check about once a week.

And, finally, there are the MINI Cooper sites. Currently at 5 or 6 message boards, a Yahoo! Group and 3 or 4 different blogs.

Time to start scheduling my time.

Especially during this crazy time of year, it seems that with everyday I have less and less time. I find myself spending more and more time sitting here on my fat ass keeping current.

I think I’m just going to start spending the bulk of my online time taking care of my sites first, especially the sites I’m paid to take care of, and worry about staying current second. I’ll pick 2 or 3 days where I read and post and all that, instead of everyday. I think this will help recapture some of the time.

Or it won’t, and I’ll be back doing it tomorrow. I’ll know soon enough.

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