So far we have discussed privacy and setting up your circles and actually using G+, including hangout. To wrap this lets look at Account settings, the main page and a few other notes.

Account Settings

This is where you started when you were setting up your privacy settings. Here is what the rest of the choice do.

  • Account Overview – Provides access to your general settings like password and email address
  • Profile and Privacy – We’ve already talked about that in part 1
  • Google+ – This is where you go to set your notification options and photos sharing options
  • Language – G+ is available in multiple languages. Select yours here
  • Data Liberation – Google wants to be sure that no matter what, you can always pull anything you have ever posted to almost any of their services at any time. This is where you can do just that.
  • Connected Accounts – That show up in your profile. Flickr, Twitter, Facebook and others are available.

The G+ Sidebar (left side)

Here are your controls for what gets displayed on the screen.

  • Stream – This is where you select the stream you want to see based on the circles you have created
  • Sparks – Another neat feature. Here you can use keywords to search for interesting (usually) articles and easily share them with your circles. There are some defaults and you can easily add your own
  • Chat – Just like Gmail, G+ has chat. Right now it seems to only work with your Gmail contacts, not your G+ contacts.

Top of the Page

This bar appears at the top of every G+ page. Here is what everything does.

  1. Clicking here takes you back to the main page of G+
  2. This does the same thing but I have a feeling that it might change
  3. Photos – Photos from your circles and your photos. You can also see photos here that are ready to share from your mobile device
  4. Circles – Manage your circles by clicking here
  5. Find People – Just like the box says. Search is currently a little wacky, but if you type slow you should find who you are looking for


I’m still testing the mobile app for Android. And, since it’s **only** available for Android at this time, I’m going to continue to test and report back at a later date. I can tell you that it is a great experience that is far better than Facebook, and this is still in beta!

Shortcuts and text editing

Last week I linked up this post at that provides a good breakdown of shortcuts and text editing features that are available to you. Here is the short version.

  • To make text bold, type an * before and after the word *like this*
  • To make text italic, type an underscore (_) before and after the word _like this_
  • To strike thru text, type a dash (-) before and after the word -like this-

If you are a Gmail or Google reader user, you will notice some of the shortcuts you use work at G+ too, like using space to scroll down and shift+space to scroll up. There are others too, just follow the link above.

A few more notes

I’ve been fielding questions about how certain things work on G+ vs. Facebook and Twitter. Here are a few things to keep in mind that should help.

G+ is not Facebook

The only thing that the two services have in common is that they both display posts from people you follow in a real-time stream. Everything else is just about 100% different. The big one being that you don’t have to approve friends to follow you. As we already know, there is where circles come into play. If someone follows you, you don’t have to follow back. Just keep in mind that anything you post as a Public will be seen by those followers.

G+ is still in Beta

Or, as they are calling it, a field trial. As of this writing, it’s still not open to the public. There still is not an app for iOS. There are still some rough edges and stuff that’s not working correctly. That’s how The Goog rolls. Get something mostly done, invite a few million of their closest friends in to check it out, then tweak based on Feedback.

If this is a problem for you, check back in a few weeks when it opens for everyone.

I’m still enjoying G+ quite a bit and think that most of the people that I have invited in are too. The next big step is waiting for the iOS app and hope that it’s as good as the Android App. Those of you that already have know what I’m talking about it.

I’m hoping these posts have helped you understand G+ a little better. If you have any questions, comments are open (on any of the posts) and I’m available to answer them!

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  1. Great presentation. I was able to get the IOS app yesterday..Not as nice as the android app. Little qwerky at times. Some of the videos don’t play and the huddle seems very slow. I am confident it will get better.

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