Checking the apple store for a new cable for the Nano. They have it, naturally, but it is $19. A bit expensive for a cable, but a virtual deal for a usb cable.


Why are there reviews for this product?

No, scratch that.

Why are there 10 pages of reviews for this product?

Honestly, you mac fanpeople, just stop it. IT’S A CABLE!. It allows you to charge your iPod and move songs to it. It’s white. It plugs in. It works. I really could give a shit if your dog chewed your last one, or you Mom threw it away or lightening struck and it caught fire or your room mate flushed it in a drunken rage of terror.

It’s just a cable kids. No need to get all freakalicious about it because it’s made at the house of Steve.

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  1. πŸ™ mac fanboys….

    The same freakazoids that rated the cable would line up a day early to buy Steve’s poop on a plate, iPoop….

    Zealots are great but only when you can send them against your enemies as cannon fodder πŸ˜‰

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