We should do this live

There are times when the conversation between myself and Mr. FBI should be done in a live environment. Last night was a good example.

>dsb106: so, my eeepc is in indiana, supposed to be here tomorrow

>futurabolditalic: hmm

>dsb106: that’s a long way to go and a short time to get here

See that? Smokey and the Bandit Reference right there. Pretty sweet, right? From there, somehow we ended up on Jim Stafford.

>futurabolditalic: so he’s got OfficialJimStafford, and JSMarketing07

>dsb106: that’s pretty good for animatronics

>futurabolditalic: how many youtube channels does jim stafford need?

>dsb106: appearantly

>dsb106: 2

More on Mr. Stafford.

>dsb106: like teenager in his bedroom trying to cover it bad on a casio bad

>futurabolditalic: lol

>futurabolditalic: dude c’mon

>futurabolditalic: it’s f’ing Jim Stafford playing a synth guitar

>futurabolditalic: that’s awesome just because it’s Jim Stafford playing a synth guitar

I also picked up the new U2 Album.

>futurabolditalic: i wasted no money on the new U2

>dsb106: it’s actually not horrible

>dsb106: better than a lot of what they have done

>dsb106: but still not great

>dsb106: biggest problem is that it serverly over produced

>dsb106: and

>dsb106: no TPain

Finally, if you are looking to do random YouTube surfing, it’s almost always best to start with Muppets.

>dsb106: muppets always lead someplace cool

>dsb106: por ejemplo

>dsb106: johnny cash singing with miss piggy

>dsb106: I’m sure that goes someplace cool

You can follow along with most of what we did via Twitter or the Tumblr.

Live IM shows. I **will** make this happen.

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