Viddler in HD?

From the Viddler blog.

>On Viddler we currently re-encode videos uploaded in all formats except .FLV (Flash Video). As you know, the re-encoded files look amazing, but they might not be up to par with the actual file you uploaded. Alas, if you upload a .FLV file format it will display on Viddler exactly as it did on your computer. Huzzah!

Click through to find out how. If you still have VisualHub, then it’s a snap. But, the big question is, does it work? Check it.

That was exported from iMovie ’09 to 720p (h.264) then run through the flv converter in VH. Bonus is the compression. Original video is 354.4MB. converted is only 72.5.

While I’m still going to be hosting the bulk of my video at, it’s nice to know that I have another option that is not YouTube.

By Don

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