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As most of you that have been following along with my smart phone saga for the past 3 years know, I’ve not had the best luck.

  • Started with the perfectly adequate LG ENV. Great for messaging and calls
  • Moved to the absolutely horrible Blackberry Storm (1st gen)
  • The day it was released, jumped on the Blackberry Tour
  • Tried the Motorola Droid. Hated it
  • Went back to the Blackberry Tour
  • The day I could, got the Droid Incredible

Of all of these phones, the Blackberry Tour and Droid Incredible have been the best. The Blackberry would have remained my daily driver if it had a real web browser and Wifi. Since it did not have either of those, I’ve been rocking the Android with pretty ok success.

Like the Blackberry, it is great for messaging (email, SMS). Like the Blackberry, it has a great camera (dare I say better). Unlike the Blackberry it provides a great internet experience and gives me WiFi access.

Where it fails, however, is where the iPhone rules. Applications.

Sure the Android Market has something like 200k applications. Sure, the big players are there like Skype, DropBox, Evernote and Foursquare, among others. And these apps mostly worked as expected. But, then again, they don’t.

But where are the small players? Sure I have access to my DropBox, but where are the apps that sync with that reliably? What about Instapaper? What about all of the camera apps? What about in-phone video editing?

Nothing, nip, nada.

Not to mention the host of Podcaster specfic apps. High quality voice recording and editing, for example? There, but on apps that aren’t easy to use, aren’t nice to look at and are less than stable.

Finally, to further beat a dead horse, there is the battery life, or complete lack thereof. Sure I could get a larger battery that would allow for 7-8 hour of continuous use, but should I have to spend an addition $50 for that to happen? I don’t think so. Even the Blackberry would last 1 full work day under heavy to extra heavy use before needing to be recharged.

So, sadly, the day that I am able (_read: afford_) to, I will be placing my order either with Verizon Wireless directly or from the Apple store for a shiny new iPhone. I look forward to being able to have all the functionality that you have now along with the ability to reliably make phone calls.

A feature that many of you current iPhone users should be looking forward to as well. As soon as all of the AT&T haters jump ship.

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