I’ve been doing this for almost a month now. So far, it hasn’t been as bad as I thought it would be. Not perfect, but horrible either. I have only come up with 2 things that I think could be better.

  • Organizing. I’m a folders/labels kinda guy. Doing that in Mail is less than intuitive and takes too many steps. Bonus is there aren’t any keyboard shortcuts for making new mailboxes, and it’s a chore to get to filters. This should be easier.
  • Restoring focus. When Mail is running but closed, there isn’t an elegant way to restore using the keyboard. Most apps work well with a cmd-n, but in Mail that starts a new message _and_ restores the app. Great if I wanted to send a message, bad if I only want to see what’s new.

Using it to collect Gmail via POP has actually been a great experience. Gmail filters out the crap and I get a nice clean stream of email delivered to my desktop. Bonus, all my rules are still running on Gmail, so when I need access via my phone or another computer, I can and all my organization is still in effect. I do still check the spam box about once a week for false positives, but I never find any.

So, overall, I give it a C. Not the greatest (c’mon Mozilla…update Thunderbird already!) or the worst (:cough:Outlook Express:cough:) but it does the job just fine.

I’ve searched the goog, but not to extensively. If any of you have any great tips or tricks you would like to share, by all means please do! They would be appreciated.

By Don

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