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If I had a dollar (US$1.00) for every time I forgot the battery for my ‘good’ camera, I would have exactly 2 dollars (US$2.00). Really not that big of a deal, but I also did **not** have my old and busted and trusty Panasonic DMC-TZ3. What did I have?

My Droid Incredible.

Again, not that big of a deal, but this was for work. And the Canon takes _really_ good photos, especially since I think I might have figured out how to actually get it to take good photos. And the photos get used to create documents that our sales staff then uses to help sell our products.

But I only had the Droid Incredible. And my **only** battery was a hour away and an hour back.

I kept remembering everyone that has ever told me it’s the photographer, not the camera. This week I put that to the test and, if I’m honest, everyone was right. The photos below all came directly out of my phone. Ok, maybe not _directly_ in the strictest sense, but if directly-via-photoshop counts, then yes, directly from my phone.

Sure I could have used an app like Vignette to process them, but in my experience with this phone, the photos that it produces aren’t suitable for my needs. Photos apps on the Droid introduce a lot of noise, do weird things with color and only make a photos that fans of Instagram seem to like.

While I had the right tool for the job, I had the _wrong_ tool. So, I made due with a little trickery. And I think they turned out pretty ok.

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