To avoid further headaches at the office, I have made the executive descision to migrate all 7 workstations to FireFox. If there is a virus out there, I guarantee these peeps will manage to get it.

Also, finally got the T1 hooked up. Which is nice. I’m a big fan of Earthlink and about all of their products. While they may be higher priced than most, it just works. That and support doesn’t f’ around either, which is always a nice touch. But, the DSL that we had at the office was slower than dial-up, thanks to being just on the outside of the distance from the switch and having crappy copper in the ground. It’s not a full T. It is pulling double duty for our telephone access as well. That part should be hooked up sometime this week! That means the 20 year old ATT Merlin system can finally come down off the wall and hopefully into a dumpster someplace. Anyone need a Merlin handset?

On a personal note…while not having to deal with bad dates or other miscellaneous girl problems, I did come dangerously close to really f’ing things up last week. A touch of selfishness kicked in, and a bit of nervousness too. Anyway, took about a week, but all is as good, if not better, than it was and crusing along at quite a bitchin’ clip. Which is good, because I think I might have actually found the one person that I wouldn’t mind staying with for as long as humanly possible, if not a little bit longer.

So, who else has taken the Mozilla Firefox plunge???

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