Upgrade complete

For those of that wondered what happened to w(t)f over the last 12 hours…

  • jSchwa alerted me to a gotta-do upgrade for WP (for those of you running 2.1, you should too).
  • Cruised to wordpress.org to get the latest.
  • unzipped the latest
  • deleted all the badness that was wp2.1
  • went to upload the goodness that is wp2.1.2
  • ftp was broken
  • contacted support
  • Fell asleep watching the matrix. Man, I was tired too since it was loud enough to rattle the windows
  • Went to bed
  • Woke up at 4:30 to drive to CCRM
  • Stopped in Barstow for some Del Taco and a bathroom break
  • Stopped in Searchlight NV for a bathroom break
  • Arrived at CCRM at about 9:45
  • setup, checked in with Dad and the Motel manager, got some coffee
  • Checked my email
  • Replied to some offline IM’s
  • Started the upgrade for the motel
  • Twitter’d…twice
  • Waiting for a database conversion to complete, downloaded 2.1.2 to the lappy
  • unzipped wp
  • uploaded missing parts
  • Wrote this post

You know, for those of you that were wondering.

Published by Don

Lead bottle washer at donburnside.com, host at whiteroofradio.com and tech guru for the MotoringFile family of sites.

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  1. amazing, I only upgraded to 2.1.1 a couple of days ago, but it looks like this one is worth it. Probably wouldn’t have noticed if not for your post.

  2. I probably wouldn’t have noticed if Josh didn’t tell me.

    …Yeah ’cause if I was the first one to tell you, you would have ignored me! 😛

    Wow, you were in Searchlight… Lovely place – There’s actually a Coast Guard station there… I kid you not…

  3. The coast guard station is actually a few miles outside of town. It’s a giant radio room if I’m not mistaken.

    Yea, searchlight is teh awesome! The Nugget has the greatest chicken fried steak evar!

  4. It’s a giant radio room if I’m not mistaken.

    Kinda- It’s a LORAN transmitter site. They’re part of the system that came before GPS.

    Big honkin’ transmitters connected to even bigger honkin’ antennas. We call the guys who work on them Loranimals…

  5. Cool, a couple of the planes I rent have a LORAN receiver in them but I have absolutely no idea how to use it. Thinking about it I’m not even sure I know how to turn it on!

  6. I’d have dreamhost do the quickie update/install of wordpress but as of current they are down (big friggin’ surprise).

    Also- what’s chicken fried steak? Sounds like a contradiction in terms.

  7. A delicious abomination unto God. You take a thin, undesirable piece of beef steak, beat the hell out of it, then bread it and pan-fry it like you would pan-fried chicken. Serve with mash potatos and gravy.

  8. mmmm….gravy. White please. Yes you may cover the plate thankyouverymuch.

    You live in the south and don’t know what this fine plate of food is? Get you to a stuckeys man! They might have it at waffle house too.

  9. What’s a stuckey’s?? Sounds like something you pick up in tijiuana.

    I have seen chicken fried chicken (yes, that’s not a typo). However, I may need to go outside the perimeter of Atlanta to see this abomination.

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