Updates updates updates

Wow I’ve been busy.

I actually thought about apologizing for not posting in a while, but decided against it. Let’s see, where to start…

Had a visit from a friend week before last. Had a great time!

The lad is back at the casa. I think I mentioned he was gone, didn’t I? Well, anyway, he’s back. Seems to have a renewed interest in wanting to pass the 8th grade too, so we’ll see how that works out.

Went to Disneyland again. Even rode the deadly Thunder Mountain Railroad rollercoaster and lived to tell the tale.

Started a Yahoo! 360 page because I was bored at work.

Went to a club event. Haven’t done that in almost a year, figured I was due. Going to another one this weekend too. Oh yea, while at the event, saw some friends. One of them asked me to ask jSchwa:

What happened with jSchwa’s court case

c’mon man, we need to know!

lesse lesse lesse…

That’s about it to get you caught up. now I have to go back to work.

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