Uncy db and the chalice of jelly beans

Yea, in exchange for the occasional watching of the lad, I give my sis and brother-in-law the night off and hold a sleep over with the girls.

Today was my day.

First, we started off at the R/C track again, watching bro race his 10 scale nitro powered dirt truck. Well, he didn’t really race. He’s just a beginner you see. He has all the latest, trickest gear and parts, but he has a really hard time keeping the damn thing on it’s wheels. He leaves the line, he flips. He hits a jump, lands on the rear wheels and does carthwheels down the track. Takes the corners? Yea, then too. He had to upgrade to all the latest, greatest and trickest stuff because, as it turns out, it is all way less break proof than the stock stuff. And with how much time he spends crashing, he needs all the help he can get!

After that, nothing but the finest Chinese food the 909 has to offer. Oh no, no alley cats and k-rats here. Only the best for my crew!

Finish that off with the last Looney Tunes movie (remarkably I enjoyed it) and some heaping bowls of chocolate chip ice cream, I’d say the night was a success. Well, an “unky db” success anyway.

And, for the morning meal? fresh hot cinamon rolls and icy cold milk. Breakfast of champions right there. So what if my champions are a little too young to be a wheaties box. The like cinnamon rolls dammit!

Drama with the club is finally subsiding, which is nice.

First super duper rough draft of new website project is completed. I might have a network to setup here pretty soon, if my cards are correctly played and the money gods decide to smile upon that day.

Yea, websites and network config. I’m a handy IT guy to have around. I can even build you a custom PC if you like. What, you need 100 custom PC’s in 3 days? Sure, I can do that too (well, as long as I have the parts anyway). Need a server? Business cars, letterhead and a flyer for the pennysaver? Sure, why not. Oven roasted, pan seared Filet Mignon with roasted red pepper cream sauce? Yep? Catch those windows for you too while I’m at it?

Fixin’ to take the MINI out for more track time at the end of the month, so I’m quite excited about that. Got the last of the upgraded brake parts and a replacement rear anti-sway bar too. Yea, I’ll install those too.

Did I miss something?

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