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I think I’ve mentioned, more than once, how much I enjoy The Hollywood Car Show. It was fun to make, it was fun to listen to. It was fun. At least I thought so. It would appear that you don’t agree. And, when I say you, I mean the collective, internet, you. All y’all. And to that I say ok, it’s done so you don’t have to see me talk about it anymore.

I was called out on this recently. If it was something I really enjoyed, audience shouldn’t be a problem, right? Except audience (or, more specifically, downloads and page views), is how we keep score these days. I mean, I can’t manage to make any fucking money off of these damn podcasts, so why can’t I hope for more than single digits downloads? I posted these shows here, to Fireball’s blog, Shitter, Facebook, Mastodon and Instagram. And still the best the show could pull was 9 downloads?

This is the frustrating thing about making a podcast. During S01 of my personal podcast project, I was only getting single digit downloads, but that was almost by design. That season wasn’t for you, it was for me to make sure I could complete a podcast cycle (record, edit, assemble, upload, write, post). That anyone listened at all was a treat!

If you did subscribe, thanks. But, you can go ahead and remove it. Pretty good chance that one is not coming back.

5 thoughts on “Uncle

  1. Sorry to hear that. I always enjoyed the WTF via Flip from you car podcasts as well. Problem these days is I have WAY too much to listen to that I cannot keep up…and when I started working from home years ago I no longer had my commute with 90 minutes of podcasts each way to keep me company. You, Todd, and Gabe were my lifelines for many years in keeping me sane, and I try my best to keep up with what everyone is up to these days but I feel like I only get snippets (due to my own lack of time I could devote to interests and hobbies). Keep up the good work, you always produce amazing content, and regardless of what you choose to do I’ll always be a supporter.

    1. Thanks CJ!

      Yea, WFH really put the kybosh on my podcast listening and other stuff, which BTW has all changed and is changing again?

      Appreciate you man.

      1. BTW Ceej, I almost recorded a WTF from the X3 the other day. I have the setup to do with my iPhone, might have to bring that back occassionally, or maybe go shorter format and stick it on InstaTokShortstagramBook. Maybe.

  2. Hey DB – perhaps this a case of “the journey is the reward”? You do great work in delivering a quality product, but figuring out audience sizes, preferences and attention spans over time is so difficult. Marketing is a bit of a black art this way, but please keep doing what you’re doing with WRR and RBR.

    1. Thanks for always stopping by Jim!

      You are right, the journey is the reward. It was still fun to make those and have the conversations with Fireball! And I’m not about to get too deep into black hat marketing tactics, that’s for sure. Everything has changed so much and getting ears on audio is so much more difficult that it used to be with everyone spending their time with vertical video and not commuting to work.

      I appreciate your continued consuming of the stuff I make man!

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