Ugly Americans

Never has it been so evident that we are a crappy lot until I was traveling home from Europe this week.

Waiting for the flight at London’s Heathrow Airport I witnessed the following:

  • The guy that thinks he is too important to wait inline because he has a partner credit card. Better still, his seat was in Economy class. And, yes, he was an asshole to everyone that got in his way in the mad rush for him to start being uncomfortable.
  • The overweight bitchy women that complained about EVERYTHING. Complete with whiny voices.
  • Mr. Red-face-I’ll-have-a-heart-attack-in-5-minutes with glow-in-the-dark legs. Really man, exercise and buy some pants.
  • The unsupervised children running amok. At least they were harnessed in or something on the plane.
  • Me. sitting back and watching it all
  • This is all stuff that we see everyday and pretty much ignore. It became glaringly obvious how truly obnoxious we are when removed from our normal surroundings where everyone is like us.

    But I’m home now. A day late and 2 weeks behind, even though I logged another 12 hours or so for the car wash during my trip. You might have caught my pissy post last week, but I really had a good time. Got to meet some very interesting people, see cool stuff, drive a new MINI on an F1 circuit and ride shotgun in an R56 diesel. Plus, proper english breakfast and Heinekein in Holland (tastes like crap there too if you were wondering).

    Watch the other sites for more audio, a complete wrap-up of the event and whatever else I missed. Oh yea, feel free to check the flickr again if you missed any of the 400+ photos I posted last week.

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