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I was reminded about this, yet again, with the latest ‘notes’ meme circling through Facebook. I’m also reminded that Facebook Notes aren’t the greatest platform for publishing. I’m also reminded that Facebook notes also aren’t a good platform if you want to share anything you write with friends that aren’t on Facebook or not your Facebook friends.

Enter Tumblr. For those of you that follow me on Facebook, you already know that I use Tumblr quite a bit. In fact, it’s what is powering wind(the)frog(dot)net and has been for the past 3 years and change.

At first, I used Tumblr as an aggregator of everything I did online (see this page as an example). It allowed me to bring in the RSS feeds from a bunch of things and combine them into one. For that, it worked amazing.

Now, I’m using it more as my personal blog and collection of random crap I find on the internet. And for that it works equally amazing. One of the features that makes that easy is the bookmarklet that you drag to your browsers bookmark toolbar. When you find something you want to share, you click that and click post. Done and done.

It also has settings that will automatically send your posts to Facebook or share them on Twitter. When you share on Facebook, your posts show up in a way that is very similiar to Notes. Your friend can still click (or not) to view the entire post. But, when you post that stuff in Tumblr, you can share it with people that _aren’t_ on Facebook or aren’t your Facebook friends.

I talked about it in the last video blog. Jump ahead to 1:45 to get started.

Tumblr is free and easy to use and does so much more than I’m telling you about today. If you are looking for a way to start a blog that you can easily share with anyone you like easily, then set up a Tumblr. Sure you can do this with WordPress or Blogger, but Tumblr makes it easy. tumblr.com.

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