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Who among us has seen the Pixar film Wall-e?

The short version is that humans have become lazy creatures that do nothing but stare at communications devices 24/7 until they can no longer move on their own, requiring machines to run their lives. This movie came out in 2008 and I believe it paints a very dreary picture of where we are going as a society. Look around and see how many people are on their phones right now. Next time you are out, especially if it is with someone, keep track of how much time they spend on their phone vs. how much time they spend with you.

There was a time that this was me. Sure, I’m just as guilty as this as the next guy. More and more, however, this behavior has become very annoying to me and I really can’t appreciate spending time with someone that would rather spend their time worrying about what’s happening on a device, as opposed to carrying on a conversation with me. I know I am not alone here.

The phone is a tool for communications. To check your banking. To make purchases. To catch up on news. At least that is what this device will be for me going forward. To be specific, I have removed Facebook, Twitter and Swarm from my phone and don’t expect I will be putting them back at any time. The first reason is so I can spend more time focusing on stuff that I enjoy (writing, podcasting, creating content) and less time worry about the ego stroking crap. Now it’s time to go into list mode for some more specific details.


Facebook is probably the worst. The two biggest reasons that I am no longer using it, really, is because I only see posts from the same 4 people over and over again. If I mute them for 30 days, they get replaced by another, until the mute expires. That, and at least in my Facebook, everyone hates everyone that hates the president. I get it, but it’s very tiring and provides zero value to me. I’m also not going to be sharing anything to Facebook except for images from Instagram. Posts, videos and all of that will be going here. If you want to keep up, subscribe via email using the box below or on the side, or using RSS.


Unlike Facebook, my Twitter is the exact opposite. Everyone on Twitter hates the President, it’s like it’s the thing to do. I’ve tried unfollowing people that were really bad, but I still see the hate because of Twitter’s crazy timeline that is not in order and makes me see everytime someone likes a post. I prefer to get my news from verified sources and just watching people scream into the ether is very tiring.


“The Check-in is the invite” is how we used it within my circle, but never once was I joined by anyone after I checked in, and rarely did I ever join someone that checked in. Those are my closest friends in that app and I can always call or text.

I’m sticking with Instagram because who doesn’t like looking at nice photos of beer, MINIs, food and bicycles? I’m going to continue to poke in on Facebook and Twitter, but only from a computer, not via any app on my phone. And I might revisit Swarm at some point, but for now, it’s gone.

I am also sticking with Strava and Untappd. To me, those are more for tracking (miles riden and beers consumed) and less about interacting. The provide a very great deal of value to me, so for that they stay.

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