Trying again

Last week a friend of mine experienced some serious data issues. First, the hard drive in his home PC quit working. Of course he didn’t have any backups of anything. Next, his cell phone got ran over (don’t ask) and it had been a month since his last hot sync. Great.

Of course, me being the believer of ‘bad things happen in three’s’, I tell him to immediately backup his laptop onto his office server that day, you know, just in case. Luckily, nothing bad happened to the laptop, but luck does favor the prepared…

Anyway, I was tasked on hard drive replacement. Picked up a Western Digital 160gb drive at Micro Center for $60 after rebates ( ! ). While I was there, I figured I check to see if they had any Linux Distro’s that I could purchase, preferrably with some type of manual or instruction guide. It was my lucky day! I was already pretty keen on Mandriva, even though it seemed dodgy, but I think that was mostly due to my inexperience. So I picked it up.

Hard drive install went off without a hitch. I was even able to grab all of the data off of the old drive before it finally gave up the ghost. Yea, db is the hero of the day again.

I have also reinstalled Mandriva. Having the books has been a huge help and I’ve already got it configured with everything I need. More reading shall ensue, but I am again going to try to use this as my primary machine for a few days to really start getting used to it.

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