Trucker Hats

Who’s idea was this? bring back the ever popular, ever adjustable, ever breatheable trucker hat? C’mon now gang…

These are the hats that I wore during little league games as a kid. Big bug catcher on the front, mesh in the back and the stainless steel capped hard plastic spike that lives dead center on the top of the cap, acting like target for a wayward ball (or a buddy trying to be a prankster and looking for a serious ass-kicking). These things don’t even block the sun, which is the #1 reason for wearing a cap in the first place. They did provide the illusion of an additional 4″ in height to the wearer, so there is that.

These caps aren’t comfortable either. The are either so loose that they spin around on your noggin’ or so tight as to cause an excrutiating migraine headache. That, or how you kids are wearing ’em, they just blow off your head the next time a trash truck rolls by.

And, I don’t care if you are wearing the damn thing forward, backwards or sidewards, you still look like an idiot with this thing on your skull.

Now then, if you are lookin for a kickin cap, you gotta get you one of these:

I know I already did.

Just stop with the trucker hats, that’s all I’m sayin’.

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