Time for an upgrade

Not sure I mentioned this, but teh Lad is actually on the swim team at school. For years I kept hoping he would pick a sport and want to join, but he never showed any interest. And, not being the kind of Dad that forces stuff on him that he doesn’t like, I let him.

Finally he decides he wants to take a crack at joining the swim team. Outstanding I say! Spent a week doing all the things you need to do before joining a high school athetic team and getting an equipment list. There is a parents meeting this week that I will be attending as well. To be honest, I’m quite excited.

This is going to be very cool stuff. So cool, I think, that I’m going to watch to capture it. On video and in photos. I could use the Panasonic for both, but the quality is only good enough for the web. There is also the The Flip, but not quite good enough either.

So, on the UPS truck is a Canon VIXIA HF100 Flash Memory High Definition Camcorder with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom and I should be getting it today.

Complete test to follow with all the juicy details.

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