This Would be Fun

Have you guys seen this?

That is for Dollar Shave Club. Of course I signed up, you should too. Especially if you are tired of spending $20 for razor blades. But that’s not what brings us here today.

This video is pretty aggresive. In-your-face and all that. Some might even say ballsy. Definitely plays to the customer they are shooting for I think. If you followed the link above to the website and read some of the copy, you’ll notice it’s consistent with the video (or vice-versa). Edgy, ballsy, in-your-face and a little snarky.

Some day I would like to work on something like this. I’ve got an idea floating around in my head to work on as a test for one of my personal projects. I’d like to run a program like this for real. Besides the fact that it would be a blast to do, I would be curious to see if it works and if I could actually pull it off.

I think I could. Who wants to find out?

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