This or That?

Spending a fair amount of time out and about lately. Which is to say that I haven’t been anywhere near my Mac or an Internet connection, short of email/Facebook access from the Blackberry. Boy would it be handy if I had Internet access while out in the field. So I’ve been checking prices and I’m not happy with what I have found.

My local Starbucks use AT&T for wifi internet connectivity. I can buy 2 hour blocks for $4 or sign up for an account, locked into a 1 year contract for $20 per month. I could also add tethering to the Blackberry. For the ability to do this, Verizon will gladly charge me an additional $30 per month, again on a 1 year contract. While I’m not terribly keen on either of these, AT&T is appealing because it’s $10 a month cheaper, but I would be stuck getting access at Starbucks. Verizon is as well because I know the service is good and I would have the flexibility to access anywhere as long as I have a USB cable.

There is a new option that I will be researching this weekend as well.  As it turns out, since I am a Verizon FiOS customer, they are offering WiFi connectivity free at select locations.  From what I understand, I only need install an app on my computer to use for connecting.  I think this would be the way to go, mostly because I’m such a big fan of free.

I am curious as to how you connect when mobile via computer (not iPhone).

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