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So in an effort to actually try to save some money this year, I went ahead and signed up for Vonage phone service. $15 a month for 500 minutes. Can’t beat those prices.

I was concerned about quality until a friend of mine called me from his Vonage phone and it sounded like he was on a normal phone, and he only has a DSL connection. That was all I needed.

Call quality so far has been excellent on my cable connection and I’m not using the suggested connection method. Everyone thinks I’m talking from a land line phone. I don’t care what you have heard or read anywhere else, but installation was a snap! They send out a voice router, you plug it in, plug in a phone a BOOM! you have dial tone.

And, in case you are wondering, you don’t have to follow the suggested connection method. Vonage recommends that you put the voice router between your modem and network. I actually have the voice router within my network and still have great call quality, even if I have an IP pcAnywhere session going.

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