This could cause some un-switching

Did you see this?

>Turns out that some of the users on the Apple Support Discussion forums are finding out that the approved 3rd party memory upgrades are causing instability and lock-ups. Reports seem to indicate that only Apple brand RAM is working properly. Which is fine, if you are drinking the cider and don’t mind paying the premium for the Apple logo (as much as double the street price for DIMMs).

Really? I didn’t even think this was possible to do. And I would be seriously appalled if it is also the case. Like, switch back level of appalled.



By Don

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  1. I seem to remember this happening before. They raised the specs on the memory without bothering to tell anybody. The vendors had the situation sorted out quickly.

    Or I could be totally wrong.

  2. That would explain why the first question out of anyone whenever I had a question about my Mac was the kind of memory that was in it.

  3. I bought my MBP with 2Gigs of RAM. A couple of months later I decided to up the memory by another 2 gigs. It cost a bunch – the equivalent of US$400!

    I was appalled. I was told that generic RAM would not work.

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