Things that bother me

Last Updated 04/07/06

Not so much things I hate, but these are items that more annoy me than anything else…

  • Electronic gadgets that I can not read with my sunglasses on
  • iPod and new Razr phone both suffer from this. I realize that the polarized screens make viewing easier in general, especially in sun or at night, but I can’t see either of these screens with my sunglasses on. Go ahead and add most ATM machines to this list as well

  • The amount of traffic in the mens room at the office
  • No kidding. It doesn’t matter when I go to the mens room at the office, there is ALWAYS at least 1 but usually 2 people in there. Doesn’t matter what time. Doesn’t matter what day. Doesn’t matter if I sit in there with the WSJ all day. I would never been alone.

  • The amount of non-paying work I have
  • This would be things I hate, but I don’t mind the work, so it’s more of an annoyance. But really, I need to start monetizing here pretty quick before this comes true.

  • Traffic and the price of gas
  • This is a things I hate, but I’m trying to fill the space. No kidding, the amount of traffic in SoCal goes up with each fuel price increase. You would think that with the cost of regular unleaded hovering around the $3.00/gal ($.80/L) the amount of traffic would decrease. Well, that is not the case. I’m really tired of a 20 mile drive taking 45 minutes. I’m tired of a 55 mile drive taking 2 hours. This is totally out of control.

  • Vacu-form Packaging
  • I want to kill the mother f’er that invented this process. You know what stuff I’m talking about right? That hard plastic they use to incase everything from headsets to walkie talkies to remote controls. And you have to have a cutting torch handy to get them open? Yea, that stuff. I’d boycott products sold in that crap if they would only stop selling the cool stuff in that crap!

Ok, that’s my list for now. I’m sure I’ll add to it at some point. Meanwhile…

Anyone up for some BYOMS?

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  1. no, really, I do, especially in my car.

    I don’t need to look c00L my brother…I already am c00L 😉

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