Things I will get better

Tomorrow morning you are going to read a post that was a week and 4 revisions in the making.

It will be the last post of that ‘kind’ here. I think.

I’m always the first person to say something when I think someone is wasting energy on a fruitless exercise, instead of focusing that energy where change can be affected.

I’m also the first one to ignore the words that I say. Or so it would seem.

Going back through my most recent posts they did have a bit of a ranty nature to them, didn’t they? Or they didn’t make sense. Or the writing wasn’t that great. Or at least, that’s how it seemed to me.

There are a few of you that read this that I would call friends. You see this pattern and you learn to ignore me or not pay attention because you know I’m in a funk. There are a few of you that I _think_ might be here and you are also familiar with this pattern, if only a little.

Then there are those of you that stopped by because of a google search. Or you followed links from dbmini or WRR and ended up here on a whim. You probably think I’m a big whiny pussy. Really I’m not.

I didn’t mean for this to turn into a personal journal, but that’s what has happened. I never expected to have almost 2K readers either, but it has happened. And I would like more. Not so I can make money, not so I can say I have a lot of readers. Not because I want to be popular.

Because I want to share my knowledge and experience. I’ve mentioned this before, but the knowledge that I have in my head doesn’t do me any good if I’m not sharing it.

After tomorrow (and only because the post is in the queue and they are words that I need to share), I will get back on focus. I’m going to concentrate on my writing. I’m going to edit my posts (at least more than I do now). I’m going to get my blog back to how it was when you first started reading.

Funny. Technical. Funny. Slightly random. You know, the stuff you like.

For you that are new here, thanks for stopping by. For those of you that are kinda new here, thanks to you too.

For the rest of you (and you know who you are). Thanks for sticking with me. Thanks for reading the archives when I put up a pissy post. Thanks for watching the videos and leaving comments.

I will get better.

By Don

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