Things I like this week

A quick list of the few things that are making me even mildly happy this week.

  • The Gym
  • I’ve kicked my work out up a few more notches lately and it really helps me when I start feeling crappy. 220lbs by AMVIV. I **will** make it.

  • Customer Service. More on this tomorrow
  • Amazon’s _frustration-free_ packaging for SD cards. Awesome.
  • Grilled dark meat chicken
  • Spanish wine
  • Hanging out with teh lad taking photos of the fire in the fireplace
  • Getting excited about the upcoming swim season
  • Having a clean desk
  • Having a new mixer on my desk
  • Figuring out, kinda, how to export HD movies from iMovie

One thing that isn’t on that list is writing. I didn’t do near enough of it this week and I’m starting to feel a nice, crusty layer form over my words and keyboard. Back to carrying the notebook and camera for me. I really need to keep up with the creating stuff.

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