There really is no excuse

It’s the time of the year to start thinking about all of the things you wanted to do this year, but didn’t.

Perhaps one of those things is to have some kind of backup for your computer. Or maybe to enhance your existing backup regimen. Or, even, replace that aging external drive you are using.

Now is a good time.

I know it’s the holiday season. You have a million people to buy stuff for and all that. But how crappy would it be if you were to lose all of those photos, music and movie you’ve been collecting over the years. If you remember the fun and excitement I had when it almost happened to me, you know it’s really not fun and exciting.

I say now is a good time because while cruising through CostCo today, they had the Western Digital triple interface (eSATA, USB and Firewire) external **1 TB** drive for $179.99 with an _in store_ $40 rebate. That means $139.99 for 1TB of storage. Down at the store we call that a smokin’ deal, so I bought one. Sure I’m unemployed. Sure it’s almost Christmas and money is super tight. But $140 is a pretty good insurance to save my music, movies and photos.

Now, not only am I able to backup my entire hard drive, but I can also back-up my media drive and still have over 600GB of available space for whatever. SWEET!

Now it’s your turn. Time to get a back-up system going. Or maybe you know someone that doesn’t have one. It’s time. Follow the link for a good deal on a USB 1TB drive from Amazon, or get you to CostCo.

You can thank me later.

By Don

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  1. I agree…Funny you should mention backup strategies as I recently changed mine.

    I was backing my 250gb internal hdd via time machine to a 500gb lacie drive. Well, that thing is making a horrible whining noise that just can’t spell good things.

    I pulled the trigger and bought a 1tb western digital hdd (internal) and also an iomega 1tb hdd (external). Both ran for $129/piece on amazon and should be here next week.

    I’m thinking of ditching time’s a great idea but the spinning of the hdd on an hourly basis drove me nuts (maybe the reason why the drive is close to failing? who knows). I’m thinking of just using super-duper and run it weekly. I’ll still have the 250gb drive that i can put in a second bay in the mac pro…perhaps that can be the aperture vault.

  2. I’m doing both super duper and time machine. Time Machine is cool because you can pull something back that you deleted 5 minutes ago. That’s cool. Super Duper basically rocks because it is Time Machine aware and takes care of business.

    Only weekly? I run SD 3 nights a week. Better safe than sorry I say.

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