There are tough times ahead

We all know that we don’t talk politics here. Maybe an issue or two, but not politics. The biggest reason is because I don’t believe my opinion to be informed enough to put words to screen for the internet to read, especially about something that so many of you are extremely passionate about, whereas I’m really not.

That being said, I am sad to see that I live in a state where the majority of voters **do not believe that everyone should be treated like everyone else**. As witnessed by this map of the results for Proposition 8 from the LA Times.

That snap was taken almost 2 hours after the polls in CA closed. What a disappointment.

But wait, we aren’t done yet.

You see, in front of this screen, standing behind me and all around me are republicans. They aren’t pleased about the outcome of tonight’s election as you can imagine. That means that from now until a new President is elected in 4 to 8 years I am going to have to suffer through them complaining or worse. The election has only been over for an hour and already I’m tired of it.

I don’t think I’ll be visiting the g’rents for a week or so. Wait for all the election hub-bub to calm down. But lets just keep that between ourselves here on my blog, k? Grand dad can get pretty riled up in, um, quite the “old school” fashion. There is just no teaching an old dog new tricks.

I’m going to bed and hope that when I wake up in the morning that map has changed. As I wrote this 4% more precincts reports but the numbers haven’t changed much. Let us hope I can use some _strike_ tags tomorrow and put up a map that won’t be so embarrassing.

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  1. I agree db…in an a time where we’re speaking equality, opportunity, and hope it’s sad to think that this mindset still exists. What right do we have to determine someone else’s happiness? What’s equally astounding is that if this happens in CA there’s little hope in other states (I saw that a similar amendment passed with flying colors in Arkansas- big surprise).

  2. I’ll admit that I was surprised when I saw this last night. I expect this from places like Imperial County but San Diego county too?? And yes, Arizona passed a similar ballot last night and I think one other state was about, too.

    Right now I see it’s still 4% in favour with 3% of votes left to count.

  3. Amen, db.


    Evidently the citizens of the People’s Republic of PETA has more concern for the rights of the chicken in that can of campbell’s you’ve got hidden away in the pantry than they do for their fellow citizens.

    Me, I’m switching to Progresso.

  4. I hear ya db. While 51% of Florida voters chose Obama, 62% voted for the Gay Marriage Ban. And the folks in Arkansas are (INHO) REALLY messed up in the head. Exactly what does being “married” have to do with your ability to raise an adopted child??

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