The West Wing

Yes, again…

They kiss. The motorcade pulls up and CJ heads off, turning, with a smile, to say “I have to go to work now”. She turns back and heads toward the motorcade, smiling with a discernable *bounce* in her step.

Fast forward about 30 minutes…

Simon walks into a corner liquor store to get a Milky Way bar and, with a smile, a flower. The clerk keeps saying no. Simon keeps insisiting until he notices the cash til is empty. He turns and puts a guy on the floor, presumeably a suspect. He ties the guy up and goes back to get his candy bar because he really needs it. He walks to the counter and bad guy #2 shoots 3-4 shots, all hit center mass.

fast forward a few more minutes

The lead agent breaks the news to CJ. She starts to aimlessly wander the streets, crying uncontrollably until she finally sits and continues to mourne her loss

C’mon now. If you aren’t watching this show, please tell me why. The build up for this took place over 3 episodes. The writing is beyond brilliant. No kidding.

If you don’t believe me, go ask John. He practically wet himself when season 1 finally came out on DVD and it’s all he’s been watching since he got it.

It’s a great show people. Get on board before it ends.

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