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After thinking about it all day yesterday and the day before and getting feedback from some you, I have decided to do a complete reorg of all my sites. You see the new nav starting above. Not the final draft, of course, more proof of concept. It will be something like that.

Here is my current plan.

  • Move dbmini to it’s own WordPress installation under dbmini will remain online in it’s current form and place indefinitely. It’s still my primary email address (which is easy to change) and there are a ton of inbound links to that site. I will put up a page say that’s it’s moved and not updated there any more.
  • Incorporate w(t)f into as the blog portion of the site. w(t)f will continue until the domain name expires, at which point I will let it go.
  • Create a new section called video. All videos will go here, MINI and not MINI related.
  • Create a new section called audio. Try to find a way that posts from WRR and THCS will import automatically. If not, I will figure something else out. Maybe at the very least post links from the feeds.
  • Create a new section called pressd. This will live in it’s own WP install and database.

Mechanically, this will work. The real trick is going to be in the integration which I will talk more about after the jump.

Coming up with a way to tie all of this together visually is going to be tricky because while I want there to be some consistency, I also want to be able to keep the design of each section as unique as possible. Plus keep the navigation uniform, or as uniform I can.

Then there will be issue of the feeds and getting people to resubscribe. I think I will setup feedburner feeds for dbmini and here soon and point you to those at your earliest convenience. Watch this space for more info. Otherwise, each section will have it’s own feed.

So, when it’s done, the sitemap would look something like this.

  • – Will still contain what it does now, for the most part.
  • – dbmini will live here
  • – regular blog posts will live here
  • – For Random links
  • – for the audio shows

While the priority for this is high, it is a non-paying gig so I will be able to work on it when time allows. And it’s also a fairly involved project. I say if I can get it done before the end of September I’ll be in pretty good shape.

Keep an eye on this space for updates as they happen. You know, like changes to the feed.

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Dude, great idea (Yeah, like it was MY approval you were waiting for, lol) I bounce between here and dbmini so one site should make it easier on you AND us 😉

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