the tale of 2 players

So, I’m still using MusicMatch.
Plus, I’m still using iTunes.


Most of you have been using iTunes for a while now, I’m sure. The store interface is awesome. The quality of the downloaded tracks is fantastic as well. And the downloaded tracks burn great in Audio CD format.

But, have you tried making a comp disc using iTunes? Or rip a disc to MP3 format? Using iTunes for Windows, I have found that the quality of the ripped tracks isn’t that great. Also, the quality of the disc’s burned into CDA also aren’t that hot. Of course, I should be using AAC, but since I don’t have anything that plays AAC files, and the iPods play MP3, I’ll stick with that format.

It is here where MusicMatch shines. Sure the store interface pretty much sucks. Ok, maybe it’s not the most stable piece of software either (unless you are on the newest latest greatest hardware), but the quality of files it produces is outstanding! CD’s ripped to 160Kbs MP3 are crystal clear and sonicly as good as the source. When burned back to cd in CDA format, you can’t tell that they were MP3’s. Plus, MM has volume leveling that actually works, which is nice when burning discs that have songs from older CD’s and newer CD’s. And the rip speed is MUCH faster (under Windows) in MM. I can rip almost any CD at 11x , where iTunes limits me to less than 3x usually.

So, when I’m looking for the latest new release, or something else, iTunes to the rescue! But, when it comes time to listen to those tracks on a device other than my PC, gotta go back to MusicMatch.

Oh yea, y’all need to quit looking for any Kim Possible Porn, Hentai or anything else that is Kim Possible related. First of all, you won’t find anything like that here. Secondly, that’s just wrong!

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