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Big night at the races last night with the Club. Got some cool pics of the lad strapped into a MINI wearing a helmet. I’ll be posting those later today hopefully.

Jesse James was there for the figure 8 race at the end of the night. You know, a bunch of fairly rough race cars that appear to be held together with decals running on a track that is the shape of an ‘8’. The object is to finish or get t-boned. The only crash was a roll over, and Jesse tried really hard. Man, he is crazy. He would get a car in his sights and punch the go pedal. Crazy to watch the other drivers actually try to get out of his way.

One of the feature races, NASCAR Super Trucks, was especially exciting. We were sitting in section above the reserved seats for #35,
Pat Mintey Jr. It was like his whole family, jumping, cheering and screaming. It was awesome. It helped to that he was in the lead for almost the entire race! Very exciting stuff indeed.

Then, with less than 3 laps to go, there is an accident. He zigged when he should have zagged and hit one of the wayward trucks that got in his way. He was unhurt, but his truck didn’t get to finish. It was a major bummer. He came up later in the night in everyone made all kinds of noise. That part was pretty cool too.

Oh yea, and Karin got to pull emcee duty (presumably because everyone is tired of hearing the sound of my voice) and did an AWESOME job! Heck, I have pictures of that too later on. I mean, she only said ‘um’ like 2 or 20 times! Great job Karin! 🙂

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