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Did I mention I’m going to Las Vegas at the end of the week? No, not this week silly, next week. Big goin’s on at Palace Station. If you are going, be sure to stop by and say hey or something!

What I haven’t mentioned, at least not here, is what happened to me during my last trip to Vegas. Definitely blog worthy, but I never got around to posting it. Until Now

The last time I was in Sin City was for the big Car Wash convention. Great people watching, a fantastic meal at Del Friscos, the whole shootin’ match. But, there was something a little different. Something that has never happened to me before, not even when I spent 2 months in Atlantic City in ’99.

I was propositioned by a hooker. Ok, maybe hooker is a little strong. She was wearing a business suit and didn’t call me honey. Let’s say instead that she was a ‘professional’.

It was after dinner. All the old people went up to their rooms to get some sleep, but I wasn’t even close to being tired. So I cruised back down into the Hilton’s casino and decided I was going to see what a $20 and some penny machines would do for me.

I settled on one machine that was being nice (I was up $70) and was sitting there, watching the screen and playing the bonus games. Then this woman walked by and looked at me, so being the nice guy I said hi as she continued passed. I guess I was nice enough so she turned around and started chatting with me.

I mentioned that I wasn’t tired or something and as soon as I did she said I should take her back to my room and she’d help me out with that (or something very much to that effect). The wheels started spinning, much like on the machine in front of me and when they all stopped it was prostitute across the board! Brakes were applied, hard, and I told her I was sorry but I wasn’t interested. She tripled checked and I insisted that, no, I wasn’t going to take her back to my room. She shook my hand and walked away.

I continued to play the machines for another hour or so, and she kept walking by. I guess she wasn’t having any luck that night or something. Every time she walked by I smiled and made some kind of smart comment like my luck being better than hers, and she would reply with yet another double check.

Anyway, it gave me a giggle.

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  1. Now THIS is what I originally thought Hot Hot Penny was about. Truly funny story- and, you were up $70…so, I guess you could have used that money for……..dinner, jk.

  2. yeah, $70 wouldn’t have got you much from a suit-hooker, i reckon. but, i bet you could have bought a little sumpin’ sumpin’…maybe a commerative hot hot penny keychain or similar.

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