The Sunday Post, XXXI

I’ve been really struggling lately for things to post. I get ideas, run them in the my head, sit down to post and *poof*, they are gone.

Good, quality stuff too. Even a rant or three. I know, crazy.

While I am in my writers slump, be sure to keep an eye on the Flickr. I’ve been posting pictures like nobody’s business. I’ve also been stumbling around and posting neat things I find to the tumblr.

I also recently got an invite to Seesmic. Like a video blogging thing. They are running a public alpha, so it’s pretty rough. For example, my first video didn’t even get saved. But, if I can get that working, I’ll be sure to post that here.

Otherwise, I’m sure I’ll be back on track fairly soon. These slumps don’t normally last more than 2 weeks. I know it’s that long ’cause jSchwa starts giving me grief if I do!

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